All For The Glory Of God

Since the early days of Christianity, from the moment the early Christians began to worship the Holy Trinity openly and freely, they began to adorn the world with beautiful structures, all for the Glory of God.

And so, it is with the parishioners of Saint Mark of Ephesus. The parishioners have taken upon this task, inherited from our Christian ancestors, to adorn the town of Westwood with a beautiful Orthodox edifice, all for the Glory of God.

The Parish of Saint Mark moved to the current location a little over four years ago. Once we moved in, we made minor adjustments to the structure, so that we can worship under the Tradition of the Orthodox Church. All of us realized that these were temporary renovations, but we were thankful that God blessed us with our own home to worship in.

Now, after four years, we have begun our All for the Glory of God renovation project. It is our goal, as God as our guide, to renovate our current structure to become an Orthodox edifice. It is a large project and a difficult one, because the plan is that we continue our liturgical worship and all other programs within our community, while we fix the building.

No matter what may lie ahead, we are reassured and encouraged, knowing that God has blessed our project. As we began budgeting for the project and started forming a vision on what our Church would look like after finishing the project, our Lord blessed us with an unexpected, but truly miraculous gift. Good friends of our Parish, approached Father George, and expressed their wish that they wanted to help with the project.

This generous family has offered to match every donation we receive for the renovation project, up to one million dollars. Every dollar we raise, will be doubled, with the goal of raising 2 million dollars. We are truly grateful that God has blessed us with this generous family wishing to help our project. We are also thankful to our merciful Lord, that He has been with us every step of the way, ensuring us that tis is pleasing to Him.
It is our dream, that we build a beautiful Orthodox Church for our parishioners to worship in, and for the residents of Westwood to admire and be edified, all for the Glory of God.

If you wish to help us achieve our vision, you may donate through our PayPal account, filling out a pledge form/EFT form, or calling Fr George at 781-326-2380. Remember, your donation will be matched by an anonymous family, until we reach our goal of $2million.

The Parish Council of Saint Mark of Ephesus Orthodox Cathedral


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